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Coffee Dak Lak
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Coffee Dak Lak is a coffee brand name that specializes in Vietnamese coffee and drinks. Established in 2015, it concentrated on coffee wholesale that distributed to supermarket Al Premium Food Mart and some restaurants, such as Isabella’s Boutique Restaurant-Toronto, Surprise restaurant-Ajax, Toast Delight, etc.

Tri Nguyen Coffee

In 2016, Coffee Dak Lak initiated the first store in the Pacific mall. Our signatures are the traditional Vietnamese style dripping espresso and Egg Coffee, which have been popular for any foreigners who had been to Vietnam as well as the coffee lovers who tend to search for strong coffee. We have received wonderful feedback, positive reactions from customers, complimenting for our super strong coffee, refreshing tea, and other beverage. Therefore, our 2nd location has bloomed in Downtown 2018 in order to accommodate substantial access to customers.

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Coffee Dak Lak (14/5/2015)

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