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Coffee House's ambition to open 200 coffee shops
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"In less than 2 years, The Coffee House will open 40 stores in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In the next 4 years, this F&B chain will gradually grow. By 2020, The Coffee House's ambition will open 200 stores. nationwide, that is shared by Mr. Vo Duy Phu, Marketing Manager of The Coffee House coffee chain.


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The Coffee House has a rapid growth rate when it was born in less than 2 years.

           The growth of The Coffee House is something that many startups deserve, especially in the F&B industry. The coffee house said it would become the second Startbucks in Vietnam, so when mentioning The Coffee House is mentioning a Vietnamese coffee brand.

           However, with the fierce competition in the coffee market today and the formidable rivals, The Coffee House's plan to reach a chain of 200 stores in only 4 years is still open.

           Speedy walk of the Coffee House

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           Mr. Vo Duy Phu (VDP) - Marketing Director of The Coffee House coffee chain shared with us about this strategy:

          " In less than 2 years, The Coffee House has opened 22 stores in Vietnam - a desirable number of young start-ups. Can you share the company's strategy in the past?"

           VDP:  In 2014-2015, we focused on stores with the goal of wide distribution with carefully selected premises so that customers can easily find and see. The coffee shop will be an ideal place to drink coffee for customers, even though customers can drink several times a day.

           Currently, we see many competitors in the market, but no one can meet 3 criteria at the same time. The first is the wide space to help customers comfortable. The second is the quality of products and services and the third is the competitive price.

           For example, Starbucks - a famous brand in foreign countries, they only meet 2/3 of the criteria. Price and taste are quite expensive and strange compared to most Vietnamese people. As for other units such as Highland and Urban Station, the price is quite good, but the space has not been carefully invested and dynamic.

           I compare that not to say good - bad, strong and weak, but we see the opportunity of The Coffee House is three factors: ground, quality - service and value for money. .

           "So what is the expansion plan of The Coffee House in the near future?"

           VDP : In 2016, we are trying hard, trying to expand 40 stores, so we will have 10 stores in Hanoi and 30 stores in Ho Chi Minh City.

           By 2020, we will have about 200 stores nationwide.

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The coffee house plans to open up to 200 stores nationwide.

           "Besides Saigon and Hanoi, where are you planning to open more?"

           VDP : In June 2016, we will pioneer a store opening in Bien Hoa. This is considered an opportunity for us to access the provincial market.

           Currently, most of the management in the province still faces difficulties so the main goal is still the two above markets.

           "In your opinion, what is the difference between Hanoi market and Saigon market where it is often difficult for coffee chains to develop?"

           VDP : Hanoi customers are very different and more difficult than Saigon.

           More specifically, Hanoians love to drink at familiar cafes, they are ready to drive 20 kilometers to a cafe they like. In addition, they have stricter product requirements, and need to be warm enough for the winter and enjoy chatting with street friends in the summer.

           Hanoi customers have a lower frequency of going to coffee but they are willing to spend more.

           "How will the coffee house conquer this fastidious market?"

           VDP : To further advance in this market, The Coffee House will build an open space restaurant, connecting the community by targeting the culture of Hanoi.

           Hopefully in the short future, we will serve customers in Hanoi as well as make a habit of going to a cafe to work during the day. In 2016, we expect to have 10 stores in this market.

           "In your opinion, what is the biggest headache of the coffee chain compared to regular coffee shops?"

            VDP : I consider the difficulty lies in ensuring the consistency in service as well as the product chain. Because when expanded, the level of development faster than human ability will naturally have errors in the system. And the homogenization must also be done in an unwise way.

           For example, when customers enter, they will receive bags of services such as bowing, laughing, inviting orders. However, some customers find this too complicated, they want to go straight to the counter. Therefore, this depends on the environment and the psychology of each customer.

           "How does The Coffee House maintain chain stability?"

            VDP : We have a training process for assimilating in terms of product and service quality. In addition, we often spend at least 3 days a week at the store. With the number of 22 stores, every day, we are at each different store to talk to customers and improve the way we do business.

           Besides, we have the tools to collect customer comments. Currently we receive approximately 5,000 customer feedbacks per month and have made certain adjustments.

           "What is the average daily turnover of stores?"

           VDP:  I have permission to tell you this number. However, each month, we serve an average of 300,000 customers with 300,000 different needs.

           "Does the coffee house plan to sell anything other than coffee?"

           VDP:  In addition to retailing coffee, we are planning to sell packaged roasted and ground coffee. We are confident in the quality of our products. In 2015, we invested in a partnership with 50 hectares of coffee land and could produce the famous Arabica coffee line.

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